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Ana Gonzalo is at the origin of IRIF, education promotors. For more than 20 years Ana worked in the European Commission’s Directorate General for External Relations where she was head of the Geographical Coordination unit of the Cooperation Office “EuropeAid” for the Southern Mediterranean, Near and Middle East Region. She has worked and travelled in and to more than 50 countries, not just to get to know projects, but also to meet local partners, to stay with inhabitants, and immerse herself in their culture and understand their concerns.

While travelling through the slums of these countries, Ana was deeply touched by the poverty she encountered. She wondered if there was anything else she could do. She dreamed about using her skills to benefit the most disadvantaged by promoting the education and the place of women in these societies. Unfortunately, she became gravely ill and had to adjust her plans. It was precisely during her recovery that she founded, together with a group of friends, the Foundation IRIF, education promotors: her dream thus takes shape.

Ana has passed away, but she left IRIF as her legacy. Her co-founder friends continue to keep the association alive and supporting projects in Africa and Asia, the two continents Ana was particularly attached to.


“To educate a woman is to educate a village” African saying

Vision: women and education as levers for societal change.

IRIF, education promotors, commits to supporting women and education as levers for sustainable development.

Mission: focus on women empowerment and education

The aim of IRIF, education promotors, consists in supporting projects in developing countries that strengthen women empowerment and offer skills training..


IRIF, education promotors, is managed by a board of directors, composed of:

Marie-Anne Schnackers
Teresa Trelles
Maïté Ripoll
Marina Robben
Board member
Cristina Lentz
Board member