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What data do we collect?

IRIF aisbl collects and stores personal data that are relevant to our work. IRIF aisbl understands “personal data” to mean in particular: identification data such as surname and first names or the legal name of the company, gender, language, date of birth, domicile and residence, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and bank details.

This data is collected when you make a donation to the association or when you contact IRIF aisbl (email, mail, telephone).

This data is kept for the purpose of: keeping our donors and all persons who have expressed a wish to receive news about our projects informed about our actions and future needs; thanking our donors and building up their loyalty; inviting donors to make new contributions (donations, monthly gifts, legacies, etc.); inviting donors to events and informative meetings about IRIF aisbl’s projects.

With regard to professional clients, suppliers or companies with whom we enter into a collaboration relationship, we collect, in addition to the data mentioned above, company data such as the VAT number or company number, the details of the contact persons of the legal entity (name, function, telephone number, etc.) as well as the data of the associates and/or partners of the company.

If you wish to :

– View the personal data we keep

– no longer receive information from us or,

– change the information or the frequency of the information you receive,

You can let us know at any time via

Why do we collect this data?

IRIF aisbl attaches great importance to the protection of your personal data.

We collect your personal data when :

You make a donation to IRIF aisbl:

– You ask to be kept informed of our actions by subscribing to our newsletter, by telephone contact or by post;

– in order to draw up global statistics on the number of visits to the various sections of our websites by Internet users;

– to send information (newsletters, magazines, etc.) in order to inform anyone who wishes to be informed of our actions.

This data is only kept for the period required by law or necessary to guarantee the ad hoc service.

We consider that it is and was in the legitimate interest of both parties, the donor-sympathiser and ourselves, to keep in touch in order to keep donors informed about the destination of their donations and our future and complementary needs. Individuals making a spontaneous donation will be treated in the above category.

You have the right to access, correct and delete your data.

We undertake to respond within 30 days to any request for information or modification of the personal data we receive. The request for information concerning the data available to our organisation or the request for deletion must come from the person concerned or his/her legal representative. The request must be express, precise and documented, except for the donor’s secure direct access to his/her personal data.

Donors may object to the processing of their personal data at any time, at no cost or justification.

We undertake to make appropriate use of cookies or tracking on its websites and social networks.

Protection of the data obtained

We occasionally use external intermediaries (e.g. Bpost). This means that for certain tasks or studies, your data is temporarily passed on to third parties if we do not have the means to carry out these tasks ourselves. If we do so, we always ensure that your data is treated confidentially and used securely. In any case, we are contractually obliged to do so with these intermediaries. They are obliged to delete your data as soon as they have completed their task. They may not use them for commercial purposes, for example by reselling them to other advertisers.

We undertake to make every effort to protect personal data, in particular to prevent it from being distorted, damaged or communicated to unauthorised third parties.

We solemnly undertake to report to the supervisory authorities any breach or violation of the personal data it manages within 72 hours of their discovery.

We reserve the right to monitor and examine information relating to messages, such as their content, origin or destination, if it is reasonably possible to believe that all or part of these communications relate to illegal or illicit activities, or if we have been ordered to do so by the competent authorities. Unless the monitoring is carried out at the request of the relevant authorities, our monitoring will only include, but not be limited to, messages of a public or non-confidential nature, i.e. information on a web page, messages in discussion forums or computer mailings.

We may take steps to ensure the proper management of our computer system. For this purpose, we may access any communication stored in our computer system.

IRIF aisbl may disclose users’ personal information at the request of a legal authority or in the good faith belief that such action is required

– to comply with any applicable law or regulation,

– to protect or defend the rights or property of IRIF aisbl; and

– to intervene, in extreme circumstances, to protect the personal safety of IRIF aisbl donors.

Image rights

Our sites respect the Belgian law concerning image rights.

Any person may refuse to have his or her photo taken or used for reproduction, publication, communication to the public, etc.

The right to the image applies only to persons who can be identified, for example, by the reproduction of their face and who can be recognised by others.

In the case of public persons (public authorities, mayors, singers, etc.), permission for publication is presumed.